Presenting the Steiger TTS1000

In the service industry of construction, the need to reach very high altitudes safely is a costly venture. It’s also a dangerous one. In the wind energy industry, this need presents even greater risk. There are a handful of crane and lift equipment specialists who provide the necessary products to meet not only the need, but mitigate the risk. Ruthmann Gmbh & Co. KG is one such company.

When Abilene High Lift set out to start its main enterprise, finding the best solution to meet the need for repairing wind turbines was the primary objective. If this machine could also assist in other construction and building projects, it would increase its value as well as add more opportunity to the company for additional service projects. But where to find the right vehicle, and how to choose it was the the focal question.

After much search and qualifying various options, Abilene High Lift selected the Steiger TTS1000. There are only 2 in the world, and with its inclusion in the services of Abilene High Lift, it is the only vehicle in North America that can achieve its many feats. The Steiger TTS1000 not only is the tallest aerial platform in the world, but it also allows for repair personnel to operate and perform maintenance with wind conditions up to 35 mph. West Texas boasts some of the highest consistent wind speeds, which is not only one reason why the wind energy industry has chosen this part of the country for building wind farms, but also one reason this service of repair work is so dangerous. The Steiger TTS1000 is the only machine on earth that can operate under such wind conditions at a height of over 130 feet laterally.

The vehicle’s composition has a few origins. Ruthmann Gmbh is based in Germany. Mack Trucks’ Granite Series truck (based in Allen, PA) provides the power for the lift. After visiting Germany to search for various possibilities for the lift, AHL owners/founders had to find a way to move such a large and costly piece of machinery back to the states. All was imported successfully in 2010. Soon, the Steiger TTS1000 was hard at work in Roscoe and Big Spring.

With such a one-of-a-kind piece of machinery in its operations, Abilene High Lift is able to not only meet the needs of the wind farm industry with repair and maintenance on site of turbines, but also travel out of the area (and out of state) for various construction projects. Abilene High Lift was taken the TTS1000 all the way to Wyoming for repair work on the GE wind farm in that region.

To say the Steiger TTS1000 is the only one of its kind is not a stretch. To say it’s the only one in America could sound like a tall tale. It’s not. Abilene High Lift is the only company who has it, offering unmatched service and unparalleled ability to any mobile crane operation in the country.