Repairing Tall Buildings

The Height of Courage – Repairing Tall Buildings as a Living

It takes a special kind of courage to not only scale a towering structure, but more so, to do it regularly as a part of your job. Whether working on a skyscraper or a wind farm turbine, there are those who make it their daily mission to assail giant structures and literally hover hundreds of feet, if not miles, off of the ground.

Why do they do it? Are they addicted to danger? Some of us are born with a natural fear of heights, some of us are unphased, and then others like the adrenalin rush, much like those who skydive or go bungee jumping. Working hundreds of feet off the ground on a daily basis, you might also become immune to the fear.

So you’ve conquered your fear of heights and have decided to take a job that regularly puts you high in the air. You might be a window cleaner, a construction worker, or, in the case of a High Lift operator, a platform engineer that can require you to work several hundred feet high. These workers go through extensive training and intense preparation in case something unexpected happens on the job.

Knowing Your Craft
So you love working outdoors and hanging suspended high in the air… how do you get in to this line of work anyway? Before you can ever start a job at repairing tall buildings, you must have a varied and extensive background in production and processing, mathematics, customer service, computers and electronics, and general mechanics. (No one ever said it was going to be an easy path to take…)

Insuring Safety
If you’re repairing a rupture on the ground or in the air, it’s basically the same line of work. But the latter requires much more preparation and rigorous safety precautions. What type of rope do you use? How do you secure it to the top of a building for maximum safety? You will need to know how to tie knots, put on a harness, hook rings into that harness and manage a second safety rope, along with, of course, performing the task at hand. The right harness, rope and techniques are crucial for safely repairing tall buildings or structures.

Operating a High Lift
At Abilene High Lift, we are no strangers to working in dangerous conditions and at great altitudes. Though we are often called to work on wind turbines (a thriving business at the moment…), we respond to any need for help that requires a little ‘lift.’ Our technicians are skilled at operation monitoring, operation and control and must be active listeners. They must have steady, skilled hands and a clear head at all times. Past jobs have taken our workers to the top of pyramid-shaped structures, giant domes and yes, many wind turbines. Our Steiger TTS 1000 truck can reach up to 328 ft. high in the air
with a horizontal reach of 131 feet.

Repairing tall buildings is not a job for everyone, but for the few that can either tolerate it or love it, it can be a liberating experience!