Wind Turbine Blade Repair Texas

Wind turbine blades are very large and some are getting bigger. As the size of the blades increase, so does the likelihood of them being damaged. Wind turbine blade repair in Texas is important since Texas is one of the leading states for wind farms.

Where does the damage come from?

Damage to wind turbine blades can happen as early as when they are created. Since the blades are a composite material, they are prone to damage. The damage can happen as early as when they are being de-molded or moved around the actual factory. After the blades are created they must then be hauled over large distances. During the transportation the blades could see damage as well. The blades are so large that they must be manipulated with various forklifts, trucks, and cranes that all increase the risk of damage.

After the wind turbine blade has reached its destination it must then be assembled. After assembly, it is hoisted up the tower where the rotor is then fixed in place. This presents another opportunity for damage to occur. Now that the blade is in place, general wear and natural damage can occur. Rain, dust, atmospheric debris, and lightning strikes account for most of the damage. Once the rotor starts to move, wind gusts will push on the blades, resulting in pressure on the cracks and flaws causing further damage.

Keeping wind turbine blades repaired and in working condition is vital to the ability to generate its designed power. Believe it or not, even small amounts of leading edge erosion affects the aerodynamic profile of the blade which leads to a 3-4% drop in revenue. What happens if the wind turbine blade is left unrepaired? Moisture can enter the cracks, which is dangerous in freezing weather. When the water freezes, it will expand creating more damage to the blades. The ice will even de-bond a section or worse, a section of the load-bearing beam will be impacted. This is dangerous and can further reduce revenue.

Difficulties in Blade Repair

Oftentimes to fix or inspect blades they must come down to the ground by using cranes. This can take up a lot of time and is more difficult of a process compared to being able to look directly at the blade while it is in place.

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